What is willy’s philosophy

What do we learn about Willy’s salary?

24. What do we learn about Willy’s salary ? We learn that he doesn’t even have a salary anymore; he lives off commission. We learn that he gets $50 from Charley a week, which Willy pretends to be his salary .

How does Linda treat Willy’s problems?

Linda tries to protect and support Willy in every way, constantly looking after his physical welfare and propping up his sagging ego and self-esteem. She also runs interference between Willy and their sons as she tries to make Biff and Happy appreciate their father and treat him with more respect.

What is Willy’s opinion of Biff?

Consequently, Willy sees Biff as an underachiever, while Biff sees himself as trapped in Willy’s grandiose fantasies. After his epiphany in Bill Oliver’s office, Biff determines to break through the lies surrounding the Loman family in order to come to realistic terms with his own life.

Who is responsible for Willy’s death?

As to the question of who is personally to blame for Willy’s destruction, it can be seen that Charley, Biff and Howard are the vehicles through which society acted to tear down Willy’s hopes and dreams, and, eventually, his character.

Is Linda Loman a victim?

The character of Linda Loman can be held responsible for Willy’s decline due to her contradictions , the fact she is too protective/motherly towards him and restrains herself from stopping Willy from committing suicide.

Why is Linda angry at her sons?

She is most angry at her sons because she does not think they pay their father the proper respect. She wants above all else for Willy to be happy, and she does not want Biff (or Happy) to upset him with the truth. She prefers that they cater to Willy’s illusions of their success.

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For what does Linda criticize happy?

For what does Linda criticize Happy ? For being a Philanderer.

What is ironic about Willy’s death?

6. Another irony is Willy’s suicide in itself. Lastly, Willy also wanted to commit suicide so that Biff could get his life insurance money, but the insurance company didn’t cover the suicide. Additionally, the day after he died, the last bills of the house had been payed off, so his death was more or less in vain.

Why is Biff a failure?

Biff was supposed to be in business; the fact that he was well liked and popular in high school would ensure his success. Biff failed to fulfill Willy’s expectations, and that makes him a complete failure in his father’s eyes.

Why did Biff go to jail?

Biff confronts Willy with the rubber hose. Biff states that he has stolen himself out of every job since high school and that during the three-month period when he was completely out of touch with his family he was, in fact, in prison for stealing a suit.

What is Happy’s reaction to Willy’s death?

Happy is angry that Willy committed suicide, while Biff says that Willy “didn’t know who he was.” Charley tells them that a salesman’s life depends upon dreams. Happy is determined to fulfill Willy’s dreams, but Biff plans to leave Brooklyn.

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