Sufficient condition philosophy

What is condition philosophy?

Condition , in logic, a stipulation, or provision, that needs to be satisfied; also, something that must exist or be the case or happen in order for something else to do so (as in “the will to live is a condition for survival”). Condition . Hypothetical proposition.

How do you prove necessary and sufficient?

To say that P is necessary and sufficient for Q is to say two things: that P is necessary for Q, , and that P is sufficient for Q, . equivalently, it may be understood to say that P and Q is necessary for the other, , which can also be stated as each is sufficient for or implies the other.

What is the necessary and sufficient condition for stability?

A necessary and sufficient condition for stability of a perturbed system. Abstract: The problem of determining the stability of a feedback system in the presence of perturbation is considered. A necessary and sufficient condition under which the perturbed system remains stable is obtained.

What is a sufficient cause?

A Sufficient Cause . Rothman defined a sufficient cause as “a complete causal mechanism” that “inevitably produces disease.” Consequently, a ” sufficient cause ” is not a single factor, but a minimum set of factors and circumstances that, if present in a given individual, will produce the disease.

What does sufficient mean in philosophy?

A necessary condition is a condition that must be present for an event to occur. A sufficient condition is a condition or set of conditions that will produce the event. A necessary condition must be there, but it alone does not provide sufficient cause for the occurrence of the event.

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What does DF mean in philosophy?

The standard symbol used by philosophers , mathematicians, and logicians for “is [or means] by definition ” is “= df “. An example is: “a posteriori” = df “by experience” The term written to the left of the “= df “-symbol is known by the technical name, the “definiendum” (“that which is to be defined”).

What are the necessary and sufficient condition of knowledge?

Logically Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Knowledge A logically necessary condition for something to be the case is one without which the thing could not possibly be the case; and a logically sufficient condition for something to be the case is one given which the thing absolutely must be the case.

Is only sufficient or necessary?

As you know, the word ” only ” introduces the necessary condition of a S&N statement. So, if we have ” Only A is B,” A is our necessary condition and B is our sufficient condition.

Can something be sufficient but not necessary?

A sufficient condition guarantees the truth of another condition, but is not necessary for that other condition to happen. A necessary condition is required for something else to happen, but it does not guarantee that the something else happens.

What is the condition for stability?

A system is said to be stable , if its output is under control. Otherwise, it is said to be unstable. A stable system produces a bounded output for a given bounded input. The following figure shows the response of a stable system.

What is the necessary condition for stability?

Necessary Condition for Routh-Hurwitz Stability The necessary condition is that the coefficients of the characteristic polynomial should be positive. This implies that all the roots of the characteristic equation should have negative real parts.

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What is the stability?

1 : the quality, state, or degree of being stable : such as. a : the strength to stand or endure : firmness. b : the property of a body that causes it when disturbed from a condition of equilibrium or steady motion to develop forces or moments that restore the original condition.

What is the difference between necessary and sufficient cause?

If A is necessary for B ( necessary cause ) that means you will never have B if you don’t have A. If A is sufficient for B ( sufficient cause ), that means that if you have A, you will ALWAYS have B. In other words, if something is a sufficient cause , then every time it happens the outcome will follow.

Is having four legs sufficient for being a chair?

Chairs do not need to have four legs . They can have three legs , two legs even one leg or no legs at all. Chairs do not need to be blue or brown or green or any color at all. Chairs do not nee to be made of wood or metal .

What is sufficient cause for condonation of delay?

The condonation of delay in filing the appeal is not a matter of right for the aggrieved party. Only when the party can show sufficient cause , then, it is allowed to litigate its case further. The expression “ sufficient cause ” is flexible enough so as to enable the court to apply the law in a just manner.

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