Rust cohle philosophy

What personality type is rust cohle?

Originally Answered: Is Rust an INTP or INTJ ? INTJ . Bcuz he thinks of everything spiritually (outside this world) rather than materialistically(inside this world) which intjs always do.

Is Rust cohle a nihilist?

It’s abundantly clear that Cohle is a nihilist . Nihilism is generally associated with despair or depression, which isn’t far from the truth. Series creator Nic Pizzolatto is a smart dude who loves weird fiction and actually took the most recent episode’s name from a chapter in one of his favorite books.

What books did rust cohle read?


1 The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti 4.08 avg rating โ€” 4,804 ratings score: 676, and 7 people voted
2 Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre 3.97 avg rating โ€” 26,282 ratings score: 462, and 5 people voted

Why does rust cohle have a small mirror?

The mirror allows Rust to ‘see’ his own soul, to meditate and focus on his own consciousness and gain prescience, even enlightenment A mirror which only reflects an eye can only reflect one’s soul, not the distracting vessel it occupies. It is a focal point for him

Why did Errol Childress kill?

Errol Wanted to Be Killed As he states when talking to his sister that it’s been weeks since his last work was witnessed, he’s waiting on the cops to finally be worthy enough to discover his trail. He couldn’t be captured, he had to be killed .

Why does rust cohle check his pulse?

He’s checking his pulse to get an objective idea of himself and the state he’s in. So he checks his pulse to see when he’s back to his normal heart rate.

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What book is true detective based on?

the Yellow King

Why does rust cohle hallucinate?

Rust is sensitive to cosmic influences. Rust’s first major hallucination (seeing the birds form a spiral) is a communication to symbolically represent that the environment he is in is being corrupted by an evil force and that the spiral cult itself is another symptom of that.

What did Rust say at the end of True Detective?

Rust : โ€œWell, once there was only dark. You ask me, the light’s winning.โ€

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