Philosophy sugar plum fairy

What does philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy smell like?

It’s a very sweet smell , but not overpowering, but subtle and the sort of smell you would expect from a fruit like a cherry or an apple. If you like sweet smells , overpowering or not then you will adore this.

What does sugar plum smell like?

Sugar Plum smells exactly like a fresh bag of potpourri, all dried fruits/berries and aromatic spices.

What does philosophy Snow Fairy smell like?

shower yourself in the scent of the season! new snow fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath sparkles with tart and tangy pomegranate and grapefruit notes, balanced by soft tonka bean and musk.

Can you eat sugar plum?

Although most Sugar plums are dried to a prune state, they are considered a multi-purpose plum . They are great for fresh eating , for using as a dessert ingredient, processed into jam and preserve form and simply added to sweet and savory salads.

What does philosophy cozy by the fire smell like?

philosophyCozy by the fire Fragrance Description: The coldest winter offers the warmest comfort. Lush layers of tropical jasmine and spicy red flowers bloom together in a rich lather, infusing this award-winning formula with radiant fragrance.

What does philosophy gingerbread man smell like?

Ginger Ale

What does philosophy sparkling Hollyberries smell like?

winter blooms and fresh piney greens are the sparkling scent of the season. cleanse and condition skin and hair with this award-winning shampoo, bath and shower gel and step out of the shower feeling ready to celebrate with cocktails or a night in.

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Do plums make you poop?

Prunes—or if you prefer a tastier sounding name, dried plums —are the first food you thought of, right? There’s a reason they’re famous. For one, they’re rich in fiber. The nutrient is what increases the bulk of your stool so it can move along on its merry way.

Can plums help you lose weight?

Stone Fruits They include peaches, nectarines, plums , cherries, and apricots. Stone fruits are low-GI, low-calorie, and rich in nutrients like vitamins C and A — which make them great for people trying to lose weight (2).

What is the Sugar Plum Fairy’s name?


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