Philosophy glazed body souffle

What is glazed body souffle?

Luxurious, lightweight formula moisturizes skin and is infused with oils, leaving skin feeling silky soft and lightly scented.

What is a body souffle?

A light and airy formula made from the richest of ingredients like fruit, nut and seed oils, shea butter and Vitamin E, a body soufflé is textured to hydrate intensively. 2) They contain more hydrating ingredients than lotions or creams, and are easily absorbed by the skin to nourish from deep down inside.

How do you use body souffle cream?

About this item Our Body Souffle is a lightly whipped moisturizer that is quickly absorbed. After bathing or showering, apply a generous amount of Body Souffle to lock in moisture for the rest of the day. Will leave your skin feeling super moisturized and soft to the touch.

What does philosophy marzipan dreams smell like?

It has a fruity, and very sweet scent .

What is the difference between body butter and body souffle?

However, Body Soufflé has a lighter formula that includes aloe vera and features a lighter, “whipped” physical consistency that is milky and smooth. Body Butter , with additional olive, avocado and pomegranate oils, is an ultra-thick cream used to drench very dry skin with much-needed moisture.

Are body butters better than lotions?

As a rule of thumb, lotions usually work well on oily skin and creams on drier skin. Body butters are thicker and so they may stay on top of your skin longer which can help reduce loss of moisture, but won’t directly moisturize. In this case it’s best to apply the body butter to pre-dampened skin.

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Can you put body souffle on your face?

People with normal (not too oily, not too dry) skin can get away with body lotions to moisturize body and face as long as it doesn’t irritate their face and it properly traps moisture in their skin . If you use body lotion for your face , it’s not madness as long as your skin looks and (more importantly) feels great.

Where can I buy human kind products?

Walmart Canada

What is Ted Baker souffle?

Ted’s Midnight Bloom Shimmer Body Soufflé , enriched with Shea Butter, will leave your skin feeling moisturised and soft. This luxurious formulation blends notes of white patchouli with dewy raspberry and pear.

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