Other words for philosophy

What is the synonym of philosophy?

SYNONYMS . beliefs, credo, faith, convictions, ideology, ideas, thinking, notions, theories, doctrine, tenets, values, principles, ethics, attitude, line, view, viewpoint, outlook, world view, school of thought.

What can I say instead of believe?

believe accept. admit. conclude. consider. have. hold. regard. understand.

What is the synonym of philosopher?

philosopher theorist. logician. sage. savant. sophist. wise person.

What’s another way of saying in other words?

What is another word for in other words?

for example case in point
i.e. specifically
take for example like
that is that is to say
to be specific to put it another way

What comes to your mind when you hear philosophy?

Answer. Answer: Thoughts , possibilities, plans, theories constructed to explore obscurities.

What is a simple definition of philosophy?

Philosophy is the study of underlying things. This means philosophy tries to understand the reasons or basis for things. It also tries to understand how things should be. “Philosophia” is the Ancient Greek word for the “love of wisdom”. A ” philosophy ” can also mean a group of ideas by philosophers , or by a philosopher .

What is another word for good?

SYNONYMS FOR good 1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 adequate. 3 outstanding, admirable.

What is a better word for I think?

“I think the new Miley Cyrus album will be very good .” What is another word for think ?

anticipate expect
assume presume
believe envisage
envision estimate
imagine predict

What is a stronger word for Believe?

What is another word for believe?

consider maintain
gather guess
judge postulate
reckon sense
put one’s faith in swear by
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What is a antonym for philosophy?

Antonyms . internationalism nationalism monism imitation unbelief multiculturalism formalism pluralism. Etymology. philosophy (English)

What do you call someone who is a thinker?

Word forms: thinkers A thinker is a person who spends a lot of time thinking deeply about important things, especially someone who is famous for thinking of new or interesting ideas. some of the world’s greatest thinkers . Synonyms: philosopher, intellect [informal], wise man, sage More Synonyms of thinker .

How do you describe a philosopher?

In a modern sense, a philosopher is an intellectual who contributes to one or more branches of philosophy , such as aesthetics, ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, logic, metaphysics, social theory, philosophy of religion, and political philosophy .

What is a different word for is?

Is Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus. What is another word for is ?

exists as bodies
ees iz

What should I say instead of as?

WORDS RELATED TO AS as. as a result of. as long as. as things go. being. by cause of. by reason of. by virtue of.

What is a different word for because?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for because , like: since, by reason of, for the reason that, due-to, as, as a result of, on-account-of, therefore, in-behalf-of, as things go and for.

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