Fordham university philosophy

Is Fordham University prestigious?

Fordham University is ranked #66 in National Universities .

Is Fordham University in a safe area?

Pedro: Fordham’s Rose Hill is a very safe , enclosed campus. The surrounding areas , including Fordham Road (a major shopping district in The Bronx) and Little Italy, are very urban and not the safest neighborhoods, though very lively. The transportation to and from campus, however, is superb and very safe .

Why is Fordham so expensive?

Fordham’s high cost can most likely be attributed to its location in New York and its low student-to-staff ratio.

Is Fordham University hard?

Fordham’s core curriculum is too stringent, but it’s actually a fairly tough -grading school and it is reasonably hard to do well. Fordham’s education is both geared for a job and toward learning for its own sake.

Is Fordham an elite school?

People are generall very impressed when you tell them you go to Fordham . It is an elite university with a prestigous name behind it. I spend most of my time on campus on an athletic field of some kind.

Is Fordham University worth the money?

Within New York, Fordham University is Ranked High for Quality at a Comparatively Expensive Price. Fordham University’s overall typical net price combined with high quality education results in a slightly lower value for the money when compared to other colleges and universities in New York.

Is Fordham University religious?

Fordham University is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States and the university’s religious affiliation affects students’ educations in varied ways.

What is the tuition at Fordham University?

54,393 USD (2019 – 20)

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What are Fordham students like?

Typical students at Fordham are very friendly, smart, and like to have a good time. Most come from private Catholic high schools, but there are fair number like myself who went to public school. Everyone is very accepting of others and respectful of their beliefs.

What GPA do you need to get into Fordham?


Does Fordham give full scholarships?

A high percentage — 73.6 percent — of Fordham students receive merit aid. For those who don’t receive need-based financial aid, the average merit award is $11,904. Fordham is generous with scholarships , ranking 291st in a pool of 1,000 schools CollegeVine analyzed for merit aid generosity.

How much is housing at Fordham?

Room Rates Studio: $2,505 per month. One Bedroom: $2,955 per month.

Is Fordham a party school?

Fordham is so strict that the last thing that you could call it is a party school . No, I’ve been to one Mass in my 2 years at Fordham , and that was completely my choice. It does not affect me negatively. Although Fordham is a great place for night life – bars, parties , etc.

What SAT score do you need for Fordham?

Students that get into Fordham have an average SAT score between 1250-1430 or an average ACT score of 28-32.

Is Fordham University a Jesuit school?

As both Catholic and Jesuit in identity, Fordham University draws a great deal of its inspiration from both of these rich and lively traditions. At Fordham , one experiences the same Jesuit approach to education that has endured since the founding of the Society of Jesus by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1534.

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