Cal poly pomona philosophy

What majors is Cal Poly Pomona known for?

The most popular majors at California State Polytechnic University– Pomona include: Business Administration and Management, General; Hospitality Administration/Management, General; Civil Engineering, General; Computer Science; and Mechanical Engineering.

Does Cal Poly Pomona have a good psychology program?

Overall, the Psychology department of Cal Poly Pomona has designed their Bachelor’s program similarly to how a graduate program may be held. By mimicking higher levels of advanced education, this university is setting their students up for success.

Is Cal Poly Pomona good?

Cal Poly Pomona is No. 15 nationally and the top California State University in Money Magazine’s list of the “Best Colleges in America, Ranked by Value 2020,” based on quality, affordability and alumni outcomes. The university also ranked No. 7 among “Best Public Colleges,” No.

Is Cal Poly Pomona a UC or CSU?

California State University, Pomona California State Polytechnic University Pomona , founded in 1938, is a public, coeducational institution. Its 1,438-acre campus is located in Pomona , California.

What is the hardest Cal State to get into?

THE HARDEST COLLEGES TO GET INTO IN CALIFORNIA: Chapman University. Loyola Marymount University. California State University, Long Beach. University of the Pacific. University of California, Santa Cruz .

Is Cal Poly Pomona better than UCR?

Cal Poly Pomona admits about top 30%. Accordingly, UC is in fact more elite. Even in your non-major classes, the other students are relatively smarter, so discussion is a little better , competition a little tougher, and faculty are much stronger researchers. CPP is a good school, UC is a better one.

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What Cal States have a good psychology program?

Stanford University. 4 Year. Stanford, CA. University of Southern California. 4 Year. University of California – Los Angeles . 4 Year. Pomona College. 4 Year. University of California – Berkeley. 4 Year. Claremont McKenna College. 4 Year. University of California – San Diego . 4 Year. University of California – Santa Barbara. 4 Year.

Does Cal State Fullerton have a good psychology program?

The Psychology Department has a long tradition of excellent undergraduate and graduate programs . We offer many opportunities for student involvement through student organizations, research with faculty, and internships in the community. Enjoy learning more about us as you explore our web site.

Is Cal Poly Pomona a hard school to get into?

Cal Poly Pomona admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 55%. Students that get into Cal Poly Pomona have an average SAT score between 1020-1260 or an average ACT score of 19-27.

What is Cal Poly Pomona famous for?

As one of only seven polytechnic universities nationwide, Cal Poly Pomona is known for its learn-by-doing philosophy. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs through its academic colleges as well as community access to traditional extension programs through the Extended University.

What is Cal Poly known for?

Cal Poly students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories with a particular focus on the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Cal Poly is home to nationally ranked colleges of agriculture , architecture, business and engineering .

Is Cal State hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Cal State Los Angeles is 41.5%. For every 100 applicants, 42 are admitted.

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Is Cal State or UC better?

While both the UC system and CSU system are solid options for college, the UC schools are much more highly ranked and prestigious overall. Niche grades for UC and CSU schools indicate high to very high student satisfaction at UC , and average to high student satisfaction at CSU .

What are the best Cal States?

San Diego State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo probably have the best academic reputations of all of the CSUs. Ranking of Cal State Schools.

School US News Ranking
1. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 3
2. San Diego State 143 (National Universities)
3. Cal Poly Pomona 10
4. Cal State Long Beach 14

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