Andrew ryan philosophy

What is the message of BioShock?

Bioshock questions the ability of those seeking power to serve their own interests, let alone the interests of those they have power over. Objectivism states that you should work towards personal happiness first, and the happiness of others second.

Why did Ryan build Rapture?

Although he built Rapture to escape the sort of “big government” that could take over private industry, Ryan was forced to engage in precisely the same behavior. Instead, Ryan had Atlas and his closest followers moved to the prison where the rabble-rousers and the other parasites could live in their own hell.

Are Andrew and Booker Dewitt related?

Now, we all know in the end that,Comstock wasn’t a real name, Booker Dewitt adopted that name after his Baptism,and if we keep the fact of Booker being Andrew Ryan , Andrew Ryan wasn’t a real name either, Dewitt adopted that,in a different dimension. Thus, Booker Dewitt is Andrew Ryan in Rapture and Comstock in Columbia.

Why did the rapture fail?

Part of the downfall of Rapture was the discovery of ADAM, stem cells harvested from a previously unknown species of sea slug. Scientists in Rapture found that ADAM could be used to overwrite the human genome, allowing its users to literally “splice” super powers (such as telekinesis) into their DNA.

Which BioShock ending is canon?

This ending is considered canon in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. If the player harvests more than one Little Sister, Jack turns on the Little Sisters to harvest their ADAM. Tenenbaum sadly narrates what occurred, condemning Jack and his actions.

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Why is it called BioShock?

In the reveal of the third game of the series, BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine stated that the name ” BioShock ” is not in reference to any specific setting or location, but instead a means of encapsulating common gameplay elements that reflects on their earlier games such as System Shock 2, and the BioShock series.

Are big daddies in BioShock Infinite?

Big Daddy , specifically the Bouncer type once again, appears in BioShock Infinite and its downloadable content, Burial at Sea. The Bouncer in Burial at Sea is slightly different in that it has a launchable drill arm in which the Bouncer can “fire” the drill out to a short distance away.

Who made BioShock Infinite?

Irrational Games 2K Marin 2K Australia Aspyr Virtual Programming

Who is the bad guy in BioShock?

Frank Fontaine

What year did BioShock Infinite take place?


What is the story of BioShock 2?

BioShock 2 begins on New Year’s Eve 1958. A Big Daddy, Subject Delta, patrols Rapture with his Little Sister, Eleanor. Delta is separated from Eleanor by her mother, Sofia Lamb, and killed. Traveling through the city, Delta encounters members of Lamb’s Rapture Family, and can choose whether to kill or spare them.

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