All wikipedia pages lead to philosophy

What do all Wikipedia pages lead to?

In February 2016, this was true for 97% of all articles in Wikipedia, an increase from 94.52% in 2011. The remaining articles lead to an article without any outgoing wikilinks, to pages that do not exist, or get stuck in loops.

Is every Wikipedia page connected?

Rules. We will accept only links between actual articles , not “Talk” pages . (If this approach still allows many uninteresting connections, it might be worth restricting it in further ways, such as disallowing articles on years or decades completely, or any other type of article that might be considered “too general”.

How many English Wikipedia pages are there?

Wikipedia size and users
English articles : 6,193,972
Total wiki pages : 51,962,715
Average revisions: 18.96
Total admins: 1,123

Is Wikipedia unbiased?

Wikipedia articles are longer, on average, than Britannica articles, and on a per word basis Wikipedia is actually slightly less biased. And the authors found that “ Wikipedia articles which have received more revisions tend to be more neutral.” The more the crowd works on an article, the less biased it is.

Where is the random article button on Wikipedia?

This is easily done by going to the Special: Random page, which you can find on the left side of the page, under the Wikipedia logo, which says Show any page. Once you click this link, you will be taken directly to a random article page without having to do anything else.

What is the longest Wikipedia article?

Title length Longest article title: Cneoridium dumosum (Nuttall) Hooker F. Longest article title without spaces: Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphiokarabomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon (183 characters)

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How many clicks did Jesus get?

five clicks

Is Wikipedia API free?

A web-based free encyclopedia, Wikipedia is available in many languages and is among the top 5 websites on the internet.

Which is the largest encyclopedia ever created in human history?

Yongle Encyclopedia

Who Writes Wikipedia content?

Wikipedia is written collaboratively by largely anonymous volunteers who write without pay. Anyone with internet access can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism.

Who controls Wikipedia content?

Wikimedia Foundation

Is Wikipedia reliable 2020?

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any time. This means that any information it contains at any particular time could be vandalism, a work in progress, or just plain wrong. Wikipedia generally uses reliable secondary sources, which vet data from primary sources.

Why Wikipedia is a bad source?

However, citation of Wikipedia in research papers may be considered unacceptable, because Wikipedia is not a reliable source . This is because Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any moment. Although when an error is recognized, it is usually fixed.

What is the problem with Wikipedia?

There have been documented problems caused by open, anonymous gatherings of people in Wikipedia , such as the writing of vitriol (noted in 2003) or wiki -gangs (noted in July 2005). Another problem is that anyone can edit articles at any time, so people can vandalize articles, as long as they have an account.

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