The philosophy of batman

What is Batman’s famous quote?

“If this man is everything that you say he is, then this city needs me.” – Bruce Wayne , The Dark Knight Rises. After Alfred alerts Bruce that Bane is wreaking havoc on Gotham, Bruce makes the decision to go back out into the city as Gotham’s hero, Batman.

What would Plato say regarding Batman?

He tells Batman people “are only as good as the world allows them to be… When the chips are down, these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.” He, like the Sophists, deny the transcendental forms and affirms only the sensible world of flux and change.

Is Batman a Deontologist?

The Dark Knight presents two deontological “heroes” at the beginning of the movie: the Dark Knight and the White Knight, Batman and Harvey Dent. Both believe very strongly in the rule of law.

What is Batmans code?

Batman has a famous moral code that keeps him from killing people, even ones as maliciously homicidal as The Joker. It’s presented as an integral part of his character, and a vow he will never break under any circumstance*.

What is Batman’s weakness?

No Killing Rule

What is Batman most known for?

Dark Knight

What is the moral of the Dark Knight?

The strong moral component of Batman’s character is not to kill another person. No one, yes, no one was able to digress Batman from his morals and values. Everyone is afraid of something or the other. The only way we can go ahead in life is by overcoming that fear.

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What would Aristotle say regarding Batman?

According to Aristotle , man should strive to mimic Batman because he is virtuous. However, not necessarily Bruce Wayne since he is vulgarian. If Wayne were to find a balance between the normal life and the Batman life, he could have good relationships.

Is Kant A Batman?

Although we saw that the Batman was somewhat of a Kantian figure in the way his intention makes his actions moral, he also adopts a consequentialist behavior, which suggests that the rightness of actions are to be judged by their consequences only.

Should Batman kill the Joker?

Absolutely. It’s the only way to stop him committing mass murder and other horrific crimes. Every time the Joker gets locked up in Arkham he breaks out in a few months and kills more people. Unless Batman kills him this cycle will never end.

Is Batman good?

Batman is neither good or evil. He doesnt care about good or evil, and is not really capable of it. If Bruce Wayne would stop being Batman , he would see it as abandoning his parents to their fate, betraying them. Batman is neither good or evil.

Is Batman a utilitarian?

Returning to the duality in play, Batman uses the kind of direct action to fight social ills that would totally fall in line with (Act) utilitarian principles and have been shown to deter and decrease crime in Gotham City, if only for a time (because if he ever actually succeeded, then we would be out of stories to

What is Superman’s moral code?

Superman : “Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us into something better. And on my soul, I swear that until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice are the reality we all share, I’ll never stop fighting. Ever!”

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What are Batman’s rules?

If you ask a Batman fan what Batman’s one rule is, chances are that he or she will immediately reply that it is his refusal to kill. Indeed, for many decades, Batman has been portrayed (with a few exceptions) as refusing to kill, and often refusing to use guns even for non-lethal purposes.

Does Batman kill?

The Origin of Batman’s “No Killing ” Rule Remember, we never kill with weapons of any kind!” This was a clear delineation that his days of stabbing criminals with swords — like he did in Detective Comics #37 — or giving them very public hangings were over.

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