Possible worlds philosophy

Do possible worlds exist?

Possible worlds exist – they are just as real as our world ; Possible worlds are the same sort of things as our world – they differ in content, not in kind; Possible worlds cannot be reduced to something more basic – they are irreducible entities in their own right. Actuality is indexical.

What does modal mean in philosophy?

Philosophers have long been interested in how a modal claim can be known, justified, or understood. The philosophy of modality is the area in which one studies the metaphysics, semantics, epistemology, and logic of modal claims—that is , claims about what is necessary, possible, contingent, essential, and accidental.

What is actual world?

Of course the actual world is one of the possible worlds; it is the maximal possible. state of affairs that is actual, that has the distinction of actually obtaining. Obviously at. least one possible world obtains.

How does possible worlds semantics define a necessary proposition?

In modal logic, a proposition is understood in terms of the worlds in which it is true and worlds in which it is false. Necessarily true propositions (often simply called necessary propositions ) are those that are true in all possible worlds (for example: “2 + 2 = 4”; “all bachelors are unmarried”).

What is humean Supervenience?

Humean supervenience is the conjunction of three theses: Truth supervenes on being, Anti‐haecceitism, and Spatiotemporalism. Humean supervenience says that in a world like ours, the fundamental properties are local qualities: perfectly natural intrinsic properties of points, or of point‐sized occupants of points.

Why is the world called the world?

The English word world comes from the Old English weorold (-uld), weorld, worold (-uld, -eld), a compound of wer “man” and eld “age,” which thus means roughly “Age of Man.”

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What is the meaning of transcendence in philosophy?

In philosophy , transcendence is the basic ground concept from the word’s literal meaning (from Latin), of climbing or going beyond, albeit with varying connotations in its different historical and cultural stages.

What is Modal of possible?

In English, there are three main modals of possibility: may, might, and could.

What does metaphysically possible mean?

If something is compatible with our laws of physics–if the laws of physics would permit it to happen–then we say that that thing is both metaphysically possible and physically possible .

What is the concept of Actualism?

Actualism is the philosophical position that everything there is — everything that can in any sense be said to be — exists, or is actual. Put another way, actualism denies that there is any kind of being beyond actual existence; to be is to exist, and to exist is to be actual.

What is logically impossible in philosophy?

Something is logically impossible if it is contradictory, or against the laws of logic. Thus a round square is a logical impossibility, and it is logically impossible to be a tall man without being tall. But it is not logically impossible to dissolve gold in water.

Is this the best possible world?

Best of all possible worlds, in the philosophy of the early modern philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), the thesis that the existing world is the best world that God could have created.

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