Philosophy cream fragrance

What does philosophy fresh cream smell like?

philosophyFresh Cream Fresh Cream spray fragrance leaves skin with a delicately sweet scent, guaranteed to draw others closer, yet never overwhelm. It can be worn alone or layered with other fresh cream products for a head-to-toe fresh cream scent.

What is the best smelling philosophy perfume?

Philosophy Amazing Grace

Where can I buy Philosophy fresh cream?

Philosophy Fresh Cream Spray | Ulta Beauty.

What does philosophy honey and cream smell like?

The body mist of fresh cream and mint is manageable but it does have a heavy scent of alcohol. But this honey and cream smells like I urinated on myself.

What does cream smell like?

Smell the whipping cream . Soured cream has a distinctive smell as bacteria starts eating away at the components and the milk fat starts to oxidize. Usable whipping cream has a mild, milky smell , and spoiled cream smells rancid. Soured cream tastes bitter and definitely won’t be palatable as whipped cream .

What does philosophy smell like?

philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette Philosophy’s bestselling, amazingly clean, and beautifully feminine scent features notes of welcoming bergamot to greet the senses, irresistibly soft, clean muguet blossoms, and lasting musk with its classic beauty.

What is the best selling philosophy scent?

Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette

What does philosophy falling in love smell like?

A lush combination sure to send any heart a flutter, this blend of vanilla, soft florals, and ripe berries goes on sweet and dries down sexy. Notes: Vanilla, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Musk, Blackberry.

What does pure grace smell like?

“Philosophy: Nothing smells better than soap-and-water clean.” Pure Grace Eau de Parfum is announced as a fresh, modern and approachable sharp fragrance of floral-green character with accords of lily of the valley, leafy greens and musk. The fragrance is available as a 60 ml Eau de Parfum.

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What is the best vanilla perfume?

The best vanilla perfumes lie just ahead. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum . Henry Rose Queens & Monsters Eau de Parfum . Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum . Nest Midnight Fleur Eau de Parfum . Jo Malone Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille Eau de Parfum . 5 дней назад

What does philosophy lemon custard smell like?

However, this scent is more like a lemon sandwich cookie or pie.. delicious.

What does philosophy fresh cream soft suede smell like?

It smells sweet and creamy, but its also very overwhelming.

What does fresh cream warm cashmere smell like?

Smells just like a warm sugar cookie with coconut frosting in the initial spray, but then dries down to an artificial vanilla. Longevity is fine, about 2-3 hours on skin. I tried this even though i don’t like coconut notes because I wanted to compare it to the original Fresh Cream by Philosophy.

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