Louis kahn philosophy

What is Louis Kahn known for?

Louis Kahn was a highly important modern architect in the post-World War II United States. Based in Philadelpia and known for his monumental and brutalist style while highlighting the materials involved in a building’s construction, he rightfully deserves a place among the 20th century’s most important architects.

Where did Louis Kahn study?

Университет Пенсильвания 1924 г.

Who influenced Louis Kahn?

Louis Kahn’s buildings have many influences . Some experts say his trip to Rome, Italy in nineteen fifty-one influenced him the most. Kahn spent a few months as an architect with the American Academy in Rome. He also traveled through other parts of Italy, Greece and Egypt.

How many families did Louis Kahn have?

three families

Are Albert Kahn and Louis Kahn related?

The Other Kahn . In a sense, Albert Kahn resembled our Kahn in that each was a bright emigre of vanishing European empire. At 5, Louis Kahn came with his family from Imperial Russia-controlled Estonia in 1906; Albert Kahn came from Prussia in 1869 and migrated to Detroit eleven years later.

When was Louis Kahn born?

February 20, 1901

Where was Louis Kahn born?

Kuressaare, Estonia

Where did Louis Kahn die?

Pennsylvania Station, New York, United States

When did Louis Kahn die?

March 17, 1974

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