Jean watson philosophy and science of caring

What is Jean Watson’s theory of caring?

Jean Watson contends that caring regenerates life energies and potentiates our capabilities. The benefits are immeasurable and promote self-actualization on both a personal and professional level. Caring is a mutually beneficial experience for both the patient and the nurse, as well as between all health team members.

What influenced Jean Watson’s theory?

Watson created the Theory of Human Caring between 1975 and 1979 from her personal views of nursing. Her work was influenced by her teaching experience and was created as a way to find common meaning among nurses from all over the world. Watson’s theory was first published in 1988.

Is Jean Watson’s theory a grand theory?

It is the core and essence of nursing. The human caring theory developed by Watson in the late 1970s (1975-1979) is a grand theory embracing ten carative factors.

How does Jean Watson define love?

Dr. Watson’s first Caritas Process states: “Practice equanimity and loving kindness to self and others.” She points to the value of authentic altruism to both the nurse and patient. Love is a healing experience that impacts everyone. It is contagious in the best sense of the word. And, it lives beyond its expression.

What is Leininger’s theory?

Leininger’s theory is to provide care measures that are in harmony with an individual or group’s cultural beliefs, practices, and values. In the 1960’s she coined the term culturally congruent care, which is the primary goal of transcul- tural nursing practice.

What are the concepts of theory?

Theory explains how some aspect of human behavior or performance is organized. It thus enables us to make predictions about that behavior. The components of theory are concepts (ideally well defined) and principles. A concept is a symbolic representation of an actual thing – tree, chair, table , computer, distance, etc.

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How did Jean Watson lose her eye?

Unfortunately, in 1997 and 1998, she was faced with personal devastation and suffering. She lost sight in her left eye from a golfing accident and soon after her husband passed away.

What type of theory is Abdellah’s theory?

Abdellah’s 21 Nursing Problems Theory The patient-centered approach to nursing was developed from Abdellah’s practice, and the theory is considered a human needs theory.

How do you apply Jean Watson theory to practice?

Briefly, the application of the theory is demonstrated as the practice of loving-kindness, equanimity, authenticity, enabling, cultivating a spiritual practice ; developing a relationship that is helping-trusting; enabling the expression of both positive and negative feelings; having a caring-healing practice ; a

What is an example of a grand theory?

Grand theories , sometimes referred to as conceptual frameworks or conceptual models, develop overall explanations for a discipline or body of knowledge. Examples of grand theories of nursing include the theory of health as expanding consciousness and the self-care deficit theory .

What is an example of a grand nursing theory?

These theories address the nursing metaparadigm and explain the relationship between them. Conceptual models of Levine, Rogers, Roy, King, and Orem are under this group. Grand Nursing Theories . Works of Levine, Rogers, Orem, and King are some of the theories under this category.

What is an example of middle range theory?

Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations is an example of a middle – range descriptive classification theory . Middle – range explanatory theories specify relations between two or more concepts. Watson’s theory of human caring is an example of a middle – range explanatory theory .

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How is love as defined by Watson evident in this caring moment?

Jean Watson believed that love is a healing experience that impacts everyone. It is contagious in the best sense of the word, and, it lives beyond its expression (Smith & Parker, 2015). Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is consistent with living in the moment with the patient.

What is Caritative caring?

Caritative caring consists of love and charity, which is also known as caritas, and respect and reverence for human holiness and dignity. According to the theory, suffering that occurs as a result of a lack of caritative care is a violation of human dignity.

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