James rachels philosophy

What is morality by James Rachels?

RACHELS ‘ MINIMUM CONCEPTION OF MORALITY (a core starting point for almost every moral theory): “ Morality is the effort to guide one’s conduct by reasons while giving equal weight to interests of each individual affected” 1.

Is James Rachels a cultural relativist?

Philosopher James Rachels has done a careful analysis and appraisal of cultural relativism in his modern classic entitled The Elements of Moral Philosophy. One of Professor Rachels ‘ key points is that cultural relativism is based on a faulty argument which he calls the cultural differences argument.

Does James Rachel support euthanasia?

WARNING: Notice that Rachels does not defend active euthanasia (killing), because he never defends the morality of passive euthanasia . His goal is to challenge the distinction. In a case where “letting die” is immoral, killing may also be immoral.

What is benefit argument?

The Benefits Argument 1. If we can benefit someone, without harming anyone else, we ought to do so. 2. Transplanting the organs would benefit the other children without harming Baby Theresa.

What is morality ethics?

Both morality and ethics loosely have to do with distinguishing the difference between “good and bad” or “right and wrong.” Many people think of morality as something that’s personal and normative, whereas ethics is the standards of “good and bad” distinguished by a certain community or social setting.

What is ethnocentric view?

Ethnocentrism is the term anthropologists use to describe the opinion that one’s own way of life is natural or correct. Some would simply call it cultural ignorance. Ethnocentrism means that one may see his/her own culture as the correct way of living.

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Why is the cultural difference argument not sound?

The Cultural Differences Argument : P1 Different cultures have different moral codes C Therefore, there is no objective “truth” in morality. Right and wrong are only matters of opinion, and opinions vary from culture to culture . This argument is not sound , because it is not valid.

How can we maintain respect despite cultural differences?

Here are some ideas to help you learn: Read. Books by authors from other countries can expand your cultural understanding. Watch movies. World cinema has a lot to offer. Listen to radio shows and podcasts. Talk with individuals from different cultures . Travelling to other countries.

Is killing worse than letting die?

The distinction between killing and letting die is investigated and clarified. It is then argued that in most cases, though not in all, it is worse to kill than to let die . In euthanasia the significance of the distinction is diminished, but still important.

What point does Rachel’s intend to make with his example of Jones letting his cousin drown in the bathtub?

What point does Rachels intend to make with his example of Jones letting his cousin drown in the bathtub ? a . The difference between killing someone and letting him or her die is not in itself a morally relevant issue.

What is the bare difference argument?

The form of this argument involves considering two imaginary cases in which there are no morally relevant differencespresent, save the bare difference that one is a case of killing and one a case o f letting die. But in thepair o f cases under consideration this bare difference makes no moral difference .

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