Edith stein philosophy

What is Edith Stein known for?

Edith Stein ; 12 October 1891 – 9 August 1942) was a German Jewish philosopher who converted to Catholicism and became a Discalced Carmelite nun. She is canonized as a martyr and saint of the Catholic Church, and she is one of six co-patron saints of Europe.

When did Edith Stein die?

What is intersubjectivity according to Edith Stein?

Stein’s radical intersubjective account strongly influenced the phenomenological concept of empathy. According to Stein , empathy means “to feel within” what the other “I” is experiencing from a first person perspective. Moreover, this intersubjectivity constitutes the original root and sense of personal subjectivity.

Why was Edith Stein made a saint?

Edith Stein , a Jewish convert to Catholicism and a Holocaust victim, will be canonized Sunday — but not without controversy. Her promotion to sainthood is provoking Jewish criticism that Catholics are taking her heritage away from them and using her withdrawal from Judiasm as a way of hurting the Jewish faith.

How old was Edith Stein when died?

50 years (1891–1942)

Where did Edith Stein die?

Auschwitz concentration camp, Oswiecim, Poland

Where did Edith Stein live?


Where was Edith Stein born?

Wrocław, Poland

What is Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross the patron saint of?

Patron saint of Europe. Edith Stein was born in Wrocław (then Breslau, Germany) in 1891, the youngest of ten children, into an orthodox Jewish family.

What is intersubjectivity according to Edmund Husserl?

‘TRADING PLACES’ For Husserl , intersubjectivity means the condition whereby I maintain the assumption. that the world as it presents itself to me is the same world as it presents itself to you, not. because you can ‘read my mind’ but because I assume that if you were in my place you. would see it the way I see it.

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Do not accept anything as the truth if it lacks love?

And, do not accept anything as love which lacks truth .” -St. Edith Stein.

When was Saint Edith Stein born?

October 12, 1891

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