Andrew ure the philosophy of manufactures summary

Why did Andrew Ure defend the factory system?

They visited factories and both saw different things. Andrew Ure wrote in a conclusion that he never saw children being abused. He argued that workers did not have to do much because the steam engine most of the work. He thought that the factory system benefited workers and improved their lives.

Why was the philosophy of manufactures written?

His book The Philosophy of Manufacturers was published in 1835. In the preface of the book he claimed that he had written the book so that “masters, managers, and operatives would follow the straight paths of improvement” and hoped that it would help “prevent them from pursuing dangerous ideas”.

Who is Andrew Ure and what was his contribution?

Andrew Ure (1778-1857) was a Scottish doctor who wrote one of the most passionate and persuasive arguments for the factory system in England in the first half of the 19th century.

What did Andrew Ure do with Professor jeffray?

On 4 November 1818 Ure assisted the Professor of Anatomy, James Jeffray , in experiments he had been carrying out on a murderer named Matthew Clydesdale, after the man’s execution by hanging. He claimed that, by stimulating the phrenic nerve, life could be restored in cases of suffocation, drowning or hanging.

How did the textile industry in Great Britain change throughout the 1700’s?

how did the textile industry in Great Britain changed throughout the 1700s . Began the development of factories which led to faster and a larger quantity of production . Rivers and coal powered factories and along with its large supply of thread and wool, production began to thrive.

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When was James jeffray born?


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