Aa degree in philosophy

What does an AA degree?

The Associate in Arts ( AA ) degree is best suited for transfer to a four-year college for many majors. In addition, the AA degree provides the most flexibility for students that are undecided about a transfer college or major. The AA degree requires 45 credits of core (general education) coursework.

What can you do with an AA degree in psychology?

Though psychology career options are somewhat limited with an associate’s degree , there are a handful of job opportunities to consider. Correctional officer. Home care aide. Human service or social work assistant. Psychiatric nursing aides. Psychiatric technician.

Is it worth getting an AA degree?

An associate degree is relatively affordable, and if you choose to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree , you’re already halfway there. According to the BLS, people with associate degrees have better prospects for employment and earnings than those who have taken some college courses but haven’t received a degree .

What does it mean to major in philosophy?

A philosophy major is a humanities degree path that will challenge students to examine questions with no right answers. As they become familiar with notable thinkers and diverse worldviews, majors will learn to think critically, identify and evaluate arguments and engage in moral and ethical reasoning.

Should I get an AA or AS?

Like the A.A. , the A.S. is a transfer degree. It is best to choose the A.S. if you plan to major in something like math or astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, or other science. You will transfer to a four-year university as a junior and have only two years left (typically 60 credits) to complete your degree.

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Do you need an associate’s degree to get a bachelor’s?

When earning your bachelor’s degree , a four year degree , you do not need to earn your associate degree first. You could, however, earn your associate degree through a community college and then transfer to a four year college to complete your bachelor’s degree .

What is the highest paying job with a bachelors in psychology?

Psychiatrist . Psychiatry is one of the highest paying fields tied to psychology. However, salaries can vary considerably within this field depending upon your specialty area, where you are employed, and the type of work you perform.

How much money can you make with an associate’s degree in psychology?

As a reference point, according to the BLS, psychiatric technicians earn an average salary of $35,870 per year and psychiatric aides make an average salary of $28,770 per year. Read more about associate’s in psychology degree jobs and their salaries on our Careers page.

Can you be a counselor with an associate’s degree?

In most counseling areas, you will need a graduate degree to earn a full counseling license, but an associate’s degree in counseling or a related area can be the first step towards meeting licensure requirements and can provide opportunities to work in entry-level positions and learn about the profession.

How many AA degrees can you get?

There are four types of associate degrees : AA ( Associate of Arts), AS ( Associate of Science, AAA ( Associate of Applied Arts) and AAS ( Associate of Applied Science).

Can you earn an associate’s degree after a bachelor’s?

Students with a bachelor’s degree can often transfer college credits they already earned and apply them toward requirements in associate degree programs, says Melissa Gregory, chief enrollment services and financial aid officer at Montgomery College in Maryland. Associate degrees generally require 60 to 62 credits.

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What is the difference between AS and AA degree?

In essence, A.A. degrees are of a more general nature and can help students further their education or enter various occupational fields. A.S. degrees are more narrowly focused and may require students to take on additional courses when they wish to expand their studies.

Is philosophy a hard degree?

Philosophy is actually a really tough degree . Taking a module in Logic can be the breaking point of your degree , its a marmite module and it takes some serious brain power, especially when it comes to writing an essay on it. Being original in Philosophy is virtually impossible. But expected.

Is philosophy a bad degree?

Philosophy is excellent for improving your thinking process, being exposed to the history of Western thought, and improving reading and writing skills. Just don’t expect a career, since getting a professorship will be quite tough. Law, business, etc. Just a philosophy degree , yes, very bad idea.

Is a philosophy degree useless?

Why is a degree in philosophy always considered one of the most useless degrees of all? Well, it’s not; though perhaps it’s often considered this. Philosophy gives students practice justifying themselves when there are many viable solutions to a problem.

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